2FA MIFARE 13.56 MHz Adhesive Tag


2FA MIFARE 13.56 MHz Adhesive Tag

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Product Description

2FA MIFARE 13.56 MHz Adhesive Tag

2FA’s RFID adhesive tags provide a convenient form factor for authentication. These small ‘disc’ or ‘coin’ tags are durable and waterproof with a semi-permanent adhesive, designed for heavy-use environments. Just larger than a quarter, they can be affixed to anything the user may normally carry- i.e. a cell phone*, or an existing ID badge – to prevent introducing a new item for the user to maintain. Each tag contains a unique ID that can be read by most 14443 compliant USB and door-access 13.56 MHz readers.

Bridging a Technology Gap

The adhesive tags are frequently used to provide an easier upgrade path when an older 125 kHz physical access system is in place, but an organization wishes to begin deploying more secure 13.56 MHz readers in their IT infrastructure without having to replace door readers. Affixing these tags to existing 125 kHz physical access badges allow users to experience a single streamlined process, presenting a single item at the door, and then that same item at their computer.

Sample Compatible Readers:

-2FA Contactless Reader
-RFIDeas pcProx Plus 82 Series
-Dell Contactless Reader
-Panasonic Contactless Reader

*Interference may occur when attached directly on top of mobile phone battery.

Chip Type: MIFARE 1K
Dimension: 30 mm diameter
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Material: PVC
Color: White with 2FA logo
Customization Options: With or without adhesive backing, Custom artwork